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What is Arrakis?


Arrakis is a fictional planet that features heavily in the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert. Set thousands of years in the future, Arrakis is the primary setting, a harsh desert planet where mankind is forced to take on extreme measures just to survive due to the heat.


However, for those willing to brave the Arrakeen deserts, there is untold wealth to be made in the form of "spice", a mysterious pharmeceutical found only on Arrakis, with the ability to extend one's lifetime and even grant prophetic visions. Required for faster-than-light travel, "spice" is the basis of the galactic economy, leading to a large amount of political intrigue and fighting over this precious resource.


Possessing a detailed and unique climate and ecosystem focused around water, Arrakis is an interesting setting, which I will explain in detail in the following pages.

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